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Philippe Flajolet © INRIA - Photo A.Eidelman


Disparition Philippe Flajolet

Céline Acharian - 24/03/2011

Inria would like to pay a heartfelt tribute to Philippe Flajolet, an eminent figure in computer science, who suddenly passed away yesterday. Philippe Flajolet revolutionised the analysis of algorithms and contributed to the international reputation of our institute, where he worked for nearly 40 years.


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Philippe Flajolet


Conference Philippe Flajolet

14/12/2011 to 16/12/2011

Philippe Flajolet suddenly passed away from cancer on March 22, 2011. He was 62 and full of scientific projects.

Place : Amphi 25, Place Jussieu, Paris


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Philippe Flajolet © Inria / Photo C. Tourniaire

Prix Leroy P. Steele 2019

Philippe Flajolet, posthumously awarded

Anaïs Jaunay - Citizen Press (*) - 15/01/2019

Nobody aware of the importance of his work will be surprised to see Philippe Flajolet featuring once again among the biggest names in the world of mathematics, the American Mathematical Society  in particular. More than eight years after his sudden death, Flajolet is to be awarded the Leroy P. Steele Prize for Mathematical Excellence on 17 January 2019. He will share this prize with Robert Sedgewick from Princeton University, with whom he wrote the book Analytic Combinatorics , which was published in 2009.


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