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James Crowley James Crowley - © Inria / Photo J. Wallace

Internet Of Things

Connected objects that adapt to human behaviour


For a few months now, James Crowley, Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), has been in charge of the new Pervasive Interaction team that develops theories for systems and services made of assembled smart objects. In honour of Inria's 50th anniversary, he is studying the future of connected objects. 


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Inria Innovation Lab Toutirobo-2 : Toutiterre & Pervasive Interaction project-team

In 2016, Inria and Touti Terre launched a joint laboratory called Toutirobo-2 in order to enrich the possible interactions with the Toutilo electric agricultural vehicle and to make it partially autonomous as it moves. The project comes on the heels of a previous collaboration carried out by EPI Chroma using autonomous laser beam guidance on strips of farmland.


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