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Security flaws in the 5G mobile protocol


Jannik Dreier, senior lecturer at the Université de Lorraine (Télécom Nancy) has collaborated with researchers from the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the University of Dundee (Scotland) to carry out a very precise security analysis of the future mobile communication system, 5G.


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Grande Region Security and Reliability Day


The Grande Region Security and Reliability Day (GRSRD) will take place at Inria Nancy Grand-Est on March 26th. The GRSRD is jointly organized by the University of Luxembourg, Inria Nancy Grand-Est, Saarland University/CISPA, and previously the University of Trier.

Place : Inria Nancy Grand-Est

Guest(s) : David Naccache, ENS Paris


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Lucca Hirschi


Lucca Hirschi, a new researcher within the Pesto team

A-L.Charbonnier - 21/05/2019

We met up with Lucca Hirschi, 29, who joined Inria as a research fellow on 1st January 2019 as part of the Pesto team, a joint undertaking involving Inria and Loria.


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Itsaka Rakotonirina


Itsaka Rakotonirina, a researcher you can count on

Mediathena - BP - 26/08/2019

As a PhD student at Inria Nancy, Itsaka Rakotonirina's work involves evaluating cryptographic protocols used to protect Wi-Fi, 4G, online payments or data from biometric passports.  The aim is to make these more secure in order to retain the trust of users. The young researcher has been getting convincing results. Two years of doctoral studies have seen him receive a Paper Award at an international conference and a grant from Google, in addition to landing a three-month internship at Microsoft.


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