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An example comparison between several optimization algorithms with the COCO platform: one curve for each algorithm, representing, for a given budget (on the x-axis), the proportion of optimization problems (as defined in COCO) that could have been solved while still staying within that budget.


Shedding light on black-box optimization

Emmanuelle Perrot - 7/05/2013

Late 2012: first kick-off to mark the launch of the NumBBO project. We met with Anne Auger, research officer in the Tao team, as she told us about this ANR project she is coordinating.


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Hasnaa Zidani, Commands project-team Hasnaa Zidani, Commands project-team

European project

SADCO: optimisation on a pan-European scale


To mark the first SADCO summer school, we interview its coordinator, Hasnaa Zidani, from the Commands project team, which is developing this project focusing on optimal control. Hasnaa explains why she wants to train young researchers through this programme.


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Portrait of engineer

Daphné Giorgi: "Inria focuses on training"

Martin Bellet - 5/03/2014

Daphné Giorgi, an Inria engineer with a background in finance, is now assisting researchers from the Commands team. She regularly attends training sessions to further hone her expertise.


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2014 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award - François Baccelli

Service communication - 19/05/2014

ACM SIGMETRICS is pleased to announce the selection of Prof. François Baccelli of the University of Texas at Austin as the recipient of the 2014 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award, in recognition of his fundamental contributions to stochastic geometry and to discrete-event dynamic system theory for the analysis of computer/communication systems.


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Soutenance de thèse

Soutenance de thèse David FOURNIER (Epi Lifeware)


David FOURNIER (Epi Lifeware)

Place : Salle 127 du Bâtiment Olympe De Gouges, 8 place Paul-Ricoeur, 75013 Paris

Guest(s) : David FOURNIER (Epi Lifeware)


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Design, Optimization and Control in Systems and Synthetic Biology

12/11/2015 to 13/11/2015

Place : ENS Paris


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Laboratoires Communs Chercheurs © INRIA / Photo C. Dupont

Shared laboratories

Promoting upstream research with industry

Inria places great importance in the transferring of its research to benefit industry. This process has a major impact on the economy and also, in general terms, society. In order to promote research upstream with industry, the institute has created a system of shared laboratories with long-standing partners. These laboratories have been created with a view to removing technological barriers on major, well-defined subjects. Each partner dedicates significant human resources. 


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Innovation - Embedded systems

Colivad: modeling and optimization of the logistics chain

The global logistics chain involves the optimization of flows at all stages of the Supplier/Customer chain: production, procurement, storage, distribution. Our team focuses on the optimization methods applied to the logistics chain at both the operational and strategic level. In the COLIVAD project, we have developed an optimization tool for package delivery that takes into account the resources specific to the company and its subcontractors.


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© Miguel Anjos

Inria international chair

An international chair to optimise smart grids


Since September, Professor Miguel Anjos has been sharing his time between Polytechnique Montreal and the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre. He is currently the holder of an Inria international chair which allows him to collaborate with the Inocs research team for a period of five years. His mission: to study the optimisation of smart electrical distribution systems, more commonly known as “smart grids”.


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First place in the scientific prize category of the 2016 ROADEF/EURO Challenge


The members of the Inocs research team, Diego Cattaruzza, Maxime Ogier and Frédéric Semet, in collaboration with Nabil Absi and Dominique Feillet of the École des Mines de Saint-Etienne took first place in the scientific prize category of the 2016 ROADEF/EURO Challenge organized in cooperation with Air Liquide. The ceremony was held on February 23, 2017 at the ROADEF conference in Metz.


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