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Développement d'applications pour les réseaux de capteurs sans fil avec l’environnement Srijan - En arrière plan, Iraklis Leontiadis, ingénieur au sein de l'équipe ARLES.

Technology Transfer

Ambientic - Ambient Intelligence for nomadic communities

The Ambientic project, led by the ARLES project-team, received the Oséo prize in the “Development/Creation" category. The official creation of the Ambientic company should be announced in the coming months.


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Scientific Prize

UbInnov rewarded


UbInnov was awarded a prize in the "Emerging projects" category in the 12th national competition for the support of innovative start-ups.


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Graham !steel - Startup Cryptosense Graham Steel - © Inria / G. Steel

Technology transfer

Cryptosense - Softwares to verify programs that use cryptography

On 2 July, the Cryptosense startup project, an Inria-led spin-off from the Prosecco research team, was awarded a prize by OSEO and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research at the 15th national competition to support the creation of innovative technology firms.

The prize received was in the "Creation and Development" category, which rewards candidates that have already proven the viability of their project.


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creation entreprise - jeunes pousses


Five Inria start-up creation projects win awards

Géraldine Clermont - 2/07/2010

The results of the twelfth national competition for assistance in the creation of innovative businesses and technologies, launched at the end of 2009, have been announced. Valérie Pécresse, the French Minister for Higher Education and Research, met with the successful candidates last Wednesday for a day of information and guidance. The list of 2010 prize-winners features five businesses built on Inria’s research work.


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Technology transfer policy

GENCI, Inria and OSEO join forces to support SMEs in first-time access to high-performance computing


The "HPC-SME Initiative" is the name of the programme jointly launched by GENCI, Inria and OSEO in partnership with four global competitiveness clusters to facilitate and encourage access by SMEs to high-performance computing (HPC). Put together in compliance with the recommendations of the Digital France 2012 plan, this programme aims to support and increase the competitiveness of SMEs whose industrial innovation projects are liable to benefit from the use of high-performance computing. The core element of the initiative is long-term assistance provided with the aim of guaranteeing the effective integration of the growth capabilities afforded by HPC.


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© Axellience

Oseo Price

14th national competition for assistance in the creation of innovative businesses


The start-up Axellience, a spin-off from the Inria Lille Nord - Europe Research Centre, is the prize winner of the national competition for assistance in the creation of innovative businesses and technologies.


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