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Embedded systems

A dedicated cryptography system for embedded systems

Camille Liewig - 5/10/2009

Two researchers, Pierrick Gaudry and Eric Schost, have just put the finishing touches to a new, faster, more reliable cryptosystem. Called Surf 1271, it is based on the use of hyper-elliptical curves and seems particularly well-suited to embedded systems.


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DGCI 2011

Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

6/04/2011 to 8/04/2011

The aim of the DGCI conference is to gather researchers in discrete geometry and topology, and discrete models, with applications in image analysis and image synthesis.

Place : Inria Nancy - Grand-Est

Guest(s) : Agnès DESOLNEUX (CNRS à l’Université Descartes, Paris, France), Jarek ROSSIGNAC (GVU de Georgia Tech, USA), Jean SERRA (ESIEE-LIGM, Paris, France)


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Publication: "Modern Computer Arithmetic"


November 2010 saw the release by Cambridge University Press of the latest book co-written by Paul Zimmermann, Senior Research Scientist from the CARAMEL team, and Richard Brent, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Australian National University. 


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Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

AIMS 2011

13/06/2011 to 17/06/2011

The AIMS conference is a single-track event integrating normal conference paper sessions, tutorials, keynotes and a PhD student workshop into a highly interactive event. One of the goals of AIMS is to look beyond borders and to stimulate the exchange of ideas across different communities and among PhD students.

Place : Nancy


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Research - Scientific awareness

Scientific and technology awareness

Promoting the understanding and appropriation of scientific knowledge by a wide audience is a recognised necessity, in a world where science and technical considerations play a major role in terms of economics and society. As such, in keeping with its strategic objectives, Inria conducts numerous scientific awareness actions, aimed both at young people and the general public. 


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Training of highly qualified personnel

Inria Nancy - Grand Est is very much involved in the training of highly qualified personnel in computer science and mathematics. In particular, Inria welcomes every year many students from Bachelor level through internships to postdoctoral fellowships. Inria is also involved in several Master programs in Nancy and Strasbourg.


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Logo Journée Cybersécurité ©L.Phialy

Inria-Industry meeting

Flashback from the cybersecurity day


Jointly organized by Inria and Cispa, the first Franco-German academic-industrial conference on cybersecurity took place on December 8, 2016. 

Rediscover, with pictures and videos, the highlights of this day : the plenary session, the atmosphere of the showroom, the participants' interviews.  


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Photo Centre Inria Nancy Nuit


Presentation of Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre

Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre is a key player in digital sciences in its regional and cross-border ecosystem. Our purpose is to promote research in IT, applied mathematics, control theory and a range of multi-disciplinary themes located at the intersection of ICT and other branches of science, in particular the life sciences, physics, humanities and social sciences. 


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Centre Nancy vue generale

Practical info

Travelling to the Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre

Whenever you visit the Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre, please show your identification at reception. The reception desk is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for welcoming the general public.


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Your contacts at our research centre

For all questions concerning one of our Centre's departments, please contact the appropriate manager:


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