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MADYNES - A Security Monitoring platform for Android Environments

Équipe de recherche MADYNES (Inria Nancy) -

Android environments are facing several threats and attacks due their massive deployment on different devices ( smartphones, tablets, glasses, smart Tv, ...).

Madynes team is working on the development of a monitoring platform dedicated to the security analysis and these environments. In this demonstration, we will present the different parts of the platform.

We will mainly present our monitoring probes Flowoid and Collimator which are able to collect network activities and logs generated by running applications on an android device. We will also present Ovaldroid which is a vulnerability assessment agent dedicated to Android environments. Finally, we will present the collector side associated to our probes to collect, store and analyse the different data issued by these probes.


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Conférence scientifique

Thomas Watteyne (Eva) : Wireless In the Woods: Monitoring the Snow Melt Process in the Sierra Nevada

Anais Aires - 3/09/2015

Historically, the study of mountain hydrology and the water cycle has been largely observational, with meteorological forcing and hydrological variables extrapolated from a few infrequent manual measurements. Recent developments in IoT technology are revolutionizing the field of mountain hydrology. Low-power wireless networks can now generate denser data in real-time and for a fraction of the cost of labor-intensive manual measurement campaigns.


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Accountability framework


Accountability framework for the cloud

AccLab is a framework which  helps to write abstract accountability obligations and to check for consistency and compliance of the policies. This framework is interconnected with an accountability monitoring system called AccMon which provides means to monitor accountability policies in the context of a real system. The policies are based on a distributed temporal logic and the framework allows centralized or distributed monitoring and both on-line and off-line controls.


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Security analytics: geo-labeled Android logs and bypassing HTTPS filtering

Project team : Madynes, Inria Nancy - Grand Est -

Mobile phones are a new attack vector in Internet. The MADYNES research group develops method to characterize mobile application behaviors. The demonstration will present our platform to collect and analyze geo-labelled network traffic. Since encrypting communication becomes highly popular, usual filtering techniques are inefficient. Our demonstration will thus also show how HTTPS filtering techniques can be easily bypassed and recent works to filter HTTPS services without decrypting user data.


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