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ALCATEL-LUCENT - A High Speed Information-Centric Network in a Mobile Backhaul Setting

Société Alcatel-Lucent -

We demonstrate a high speed Information-Centric Network in a mobile backhaul setting. Specifically, we show the feasibility of an information aware data plane and we highlight   the significant benefits it provides in terms of both user experience and network provider cost in the backhaul setting. Our setup consists of high-speed ICN devices employed in a down-scaled realistic representation of a mobile backhaul topology, fed with traffic workloads characterized from Orange's mobile network.


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Event open to all

New shopping experience

19/10/2010 to 21/10/2010

The MINT research team (a joint team with the LIFL) is taking part in the second edition of the Distance selling/e-commerce trade show in the innovation area, presenting an exhibit entitled "New shopping experience", organised by the "Industries du Commerce" innovation cluster.

Place : Lille Grand Palais

Guest(s) : Equipe de recherche MINT


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Security analytics: geo-labeled Android logs and bypassing HTTPS filtering

Project team : Madynes, Inria Nancy - Grand Est -

Mobile phones are a new attack vector in Internet. The MADYNES research group develops method to characterize mobile application behaviors. The demonstration will present our platform to collect and analyze geo-labelled network traffic. Since encrypting communication becomes highly popular, usual filtering techniques are inefficient. Our demonstration will thus also show how HTTPS filtering techniques can be easily bypassed and recent works to filter HTTPS services without decrypting user data.


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