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OpenViBE to Become Medically Certifiable

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/04/2016

Born at Inria research center in Rennes, Brittany, France, circa 2009, OpenViBE has become a leading open source software for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and neuroscience research. A spin-off of the institute owning an exclusive license of the software for commercial applications, Mensia Technologies markets this technology through its own line of products as well as services to other vendors or neurotherapists. The company and the scientists are now starting a joint effort to make the software medically certifiable, thus easing the future certification of OpenViBE-based applications created by third parties.


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Start-up - Mensia Technologies

Interview with Yann Renard

Patrick Philipon Technoscope - 31/07/2013

Put simply, Mensia Technologies offers the possibility of controlling machines with through thought. This new start-up is focusing essentially on therapeutic applications, but is now offering other services and products, as its Technical Director, Yann Renard, explains.


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Inria and Technologies

OpenViBE bientôt médicalement certifiable

Créé au centre Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique vers 2009, OpenViBE est devenu un des principaux logiciels open source dans le domaine des interfaces cerveau-ordinateur (ICO) et des recherches en neurosciences.


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Inria Innovation Lab CertiVIBE : Mensia Technologies & HYBRID project-team

Since 2015, Inria and Mensia Technologies have been working within the Inria Innovation Lab CertiViBE, whose objective is to facilitate the development of medical devices based on OpenViBE, Inria's flagship software used as a daily support for research, and to promote transfer possibilities in the medical field.


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