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MADYNES - A Security Monitoring platform for Android Environments

Équipe de recherche MADYNES (Inria Nancy) -

Android environments are facing several threats and attacks due their massive deployment on different devices ( smartphones, tablets, glasses, smart Tv, ...).

Madynes team is working on the development of a monitoring platform dedicated to the security analysis and these environments. In this demonstration, we will present the different parts of the platform.

We will mainly present our monitoring probes Flowoid and Collimator which are able to collect network activities and logs generated by running applications on an android device. We will also present Ovaldroid which is a vulnerability assessment agent dedicated to Android environments. Finally, we will present the collector side associated to our probes to collect, store and analyse the different data issued by these probes.


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Power transition


Madynes project-team (Inria Nancy - Grand Est) -

MECSYCO is a modeling and simulation platform for complex systems such as Smart Grids or more generally Smart*. For example, the simulations can be used to explore diverse scenarios of future usage, and hence the energy and infrastructure needs in a Smart City. This helps in choosing suitable hardware and planning necessary investment. Various problems and formalisms can be integrated, taking into account the point of view of the domains under consideration. In short, MECSYCO is a modular system that works by coupling heterogeneous "bricks" that come from very different domains: physical systems (electrical, mechanical, thermodynamics...), Computer Science and IT (communication networks, embedded systems, information systems), environmental systems (climate, pollution, ecosystems) and human or social systems (individual or collective behaviors).


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Anthéa Mayzaud


Portrait of Anthea Mayzaud, PhD student

Marie Blanchard - 8/03/2015

Anthea Mayzaud is a PhD student in the Madynes team; curious by nature, she came to computer science by chance.


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