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Industry-Research partnership

ProofInUse : kickoff meeting

Emmanuelle Perrot - 2/02/2015

After several months in construction, the ProofInUse joint laboratory is now fully operational. Today marked the official launch of work on development aimed at providing a range of verification tools for critical systems.


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Marc Christie, chercheur au sein de l'équipe MimeTIC © Inria / photo J-M. Prima


Inria Previz Tech Transferred to French SolidAnim

Jean-Michel Prima - 8/12/2016

A Paris-based company specializing in motion capture and 3D animation for the film industry, SolidAnim recently acquired an Inria technology that will enable directors to previsualize their work and pick between a variety of visual options before shooting the real movie. As scientist Marc Christie explains, in the wake of this successful transfer, both partners are now contemplating joint R&D work.


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Research - Cinema

CineViz, a joint laboratory working for the cinema industry

Nathalie Lacaux - 3/05/2017

The working methods of the cinematographic industry are rapidly changing. New technologies are emerging. They are revolutionising opportunities and impacting film content. They are profoundly changing the ways in which content is created, not only by cutting costs but also by fostering team creativity. It is against this backdrop that the University of Rennes 1 and Inria, the Public Research Institute devoted to digital sciences, founded, along with the company SolidAnim, a joint research and innovation laboratory devoted to the virtual environment 3D cinema industry.


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LabCom Cineviz : SolidAnim & MimeTIC team-project

The goal of this joint laboratory named Cineviz is to propose the Film industry a set of new previzualisation tools that ease the creation of cinematographic sequences in virtual environments before the shooting (previzualisation stage or previs), and prepare the technical implementation of these sequences during the shooting (technical vizualisation stage or techvis). 


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LabCom ProofInUse : AdaCore & Toccata team-project

ProofInUse is a common laboratory common between Inria Toccata research team, which specializes in formal specifications and computer-assisted proof, and to AdaCore, a software publisher specializing in providing software development tools for mission-critical systems. Its objective is to propose verification tools based on mathematical evidence and to solve the difficulties that currently limit its use at the industrial level.


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LabCom CardioXcomp : NOTOCORD & the Carmen and Réo project-teams

CardioXcomp is a joint laboratory – or LabCom – that brings together NOTOCORD, a French software editor specialised in biomedical signal acquisition and processing, and two applied mathematics research teams from INRIA, Réo (the project leader) and Carmen. The laboratory is devoted to mathematical modelling for pharmaceutical research, with the aim of adding to and improving various devices for measuring the activity of heart cells.


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