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Serena Ivaldi


Portrait of Serena Ivaldi, Researcher with the Larsen team.

Marie Blanchard - 8/03/2015

Serena Ivaldi is a researcher with the Larsen team. Captivated by robotics, she made it her specialisation - and she is passionate about the issue of man-machine interaction.


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PFIA 2018


PFIA 2018

2/07/2018 to 6/07/2018

The IA platform is a unique and user-friendly meeting point for the AI community, bringing the different disciplines together and building bridges between them. For this purpose, this platform is aimed at the entire French speaking community of Artificial Intelligence so that it addresses common issues.

The 2018 edition will be held from July 2 to 6, 2018 in Nancy. It is organized by LORIA and AFIA.

Place : FST Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy

Guest(s) : Aldo Gangemi, Professeur, Université Paris Nord (France) – Daniela Rus, Professeur, MIT (USA) – Nicola Guarino, Directeur de Recherche, CNR (Italie) – Moshe Vardi, Rice University (USA) – Zhongzhi Shi, Directeur de Recherche, CAS (Chine)


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François Charpillet - Christine Perret Guillaume - © Re.Med. / Nov 2018

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

AI – helping people live longer

A-L C - 22/03/2019

The Grand Est region has mobilised in order to establish a centre for research in ageing with the help of the Regional Council, the ARS regional health agency and the CARSAT retirement and occupational health and safety fund. Meanwhile, a multidisciplinary scientific group of geriatricians, psychologists, sociologists, mathematicians and IT engineers has already been working for a few years alongside industry partners and user associations (Welcoop Cooperative, Pharmagest, the Nancy ONPA healthy ageing organisation, etc.) to improve the quality of life of the elderly through their living environment.


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These robots are going to explore historic monuments


The Larsen team from the Inria centre in Nancy is developing - in partnership with the Institute of Movement Sciences (CNRS & Aix-Marseille University) - miniature and semi-autonomous robots capable of exploring the inaccessible areas of monuments and leaving a minimum of traces behind.


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