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Awards and distinctions

A summer rich in distinctions


The team-project Prosecco continue to be pointed out during this year of 2015 by receiving 3 new prices


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Team secret and Team Prosecco : SLOTH vulnerability detection


Yesterday, after months of talking with various software vendors, we publicly disclosed a new attack called SLOTH discovered by Gaetan Leurent and Karthikeyan Bhargavan (both INRIA Paris researchers : Team SECRET and Team PROSECCO).


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Karthik Bhargavan

European Research Council 2010

Karthik Bhargavan: proving the safety of web applications

Cécile Michaut - Technoscope - 23/11/2010

The medical saying "prevention is better than cure" also applies to computers. Karthik Bhargavan, a young researcher from the MOSCOVA team, recently received an ERC grant to continue his work on ensuring the safety of services such as personal and sensitive data management. This work is both theoretical and highly applied, and is carried out at the Inria and Microsoft Research joint laboratory. We went to meet this researcher.


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Conférence scientifique

Karthik Bhargavan ( Prosecco) : Verified Cryptography for Everyone


Understanding and implementing cryptographic algorithms is hard, and even expert programmers often make mistakes.


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Inria Awards 2016

Karthikeyan Bhargavan : Inria–French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

Citizen Press - 21/11/2016

Karthikeyan Bhargavan, an Inria director of research specialised in the security of data exchanges on the Internet, has just received the Inria Young Researcher Award. This latest award comes in recognition of his excellent knowledge of programming languages, Internet protocols and cryptography. He has followed an unusual career to acquire this interdisciplinary expertise.


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