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Charles Prud'homme


A constraint solver in Java

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/09/2016

A Java library for the modelling and solving of mathematical problems based on constraint programming (CP), Choco has become one of the most effective open source tools in its field. Charles Prud'homme, who is jointly in charge of development and a research engineer with the Tasc team in Nantes, looks back at the reasons behind this success and explains the appeal of such a solver for industry.


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STAMP Workshop: The State-of-the-art in Java Automation Testing


Co-organized by ActiveEon, Inria and OW2, the STAMP workshop welcomes software testing professionals for a dedicated session on software testing automation. European testing experts and researchers from STAMP consortium will present the innovative STAMP toolset for Java applications.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée


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