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International Collaboration

Inria strengthens its cooperation with Taiwan


Taiwan and France will work together on the Internet of Things where many applications offer significant opportunities for collaboration and transfer.


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Rencontre Inria - Industrie

IP LABEL - Mobile network quality measurement

Société Ip-label -

The revolution of the Internet of Things needs optimum mobile networks. It is essential to have methods and tools to evaluate them in real context.


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Rencontre Inria - Industrie

TELECOM Bretagne / Institut MINES-TELECOM - Architecture for Long-Range Radio-based Internet of Things

Société TELECOM Bretagne / Institut MINES-TELECOM -

We will demonstrate a prototype of a long-range radio-based platform for the Internet of Things. From architectural perspective, we provide an adaptation of standard Internet technologies to the world of constrained devices. This architecture allows for the management of mobile objects, taking care of network registration, localization, and so forth. In addition, it is adapted to bidirectional communication over a low-throughput, multi-operator, licence-free radio technologies. Finally, we demonstrate the necessary hardware allowing for fast prototyping of such networks.


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Nathalie Mitton © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


10th European e-Accessibility Forum


Nathalie Mitton, head manager of Fun Team, participate as speaker at the  10th European e-Accessibility Forum will be held at Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris.

Place : Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris.


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Internet of things

Traxens has invented smart containers


Last September, when a container disappeared from the Port of Montreal, it took two days to find it... by which time it had been emptied of its load of silver ingots worth 10 million dollars. If this container had been equipped with the device created by TRAXENS in collaboration with the Fun project team of Inria Lille - North Europe, this expensive misadventure might have been able to be avoided.


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FIT IoT-Lab - © Inria / Photo J. Vandaele


Workshop Internet Of Things - Equipex FIT IoT-LAB


After the first FIT IoT-LAB workshop last year in Grenoble, which hosted 70 attendees, we propose a second edition in Lille on October 14 & 15, 2015.


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FIT Iot-Lab - © Inria / Photo J. Vandaele


FIT IoT-Lab puts connected objects to the test


Designed as a test-bed for the technologies underlying the Internet of Things, the FIT IoT-Lab was officially opened at Inria Lille – Nord Europe.The lab will provide an innovative new infrastructure for researchers and manufacturers.


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Power transition


Infine research team (Inria Saclay - Île-de-France) -

RIOT is an open source operating system that provides standard protocols for embedded systems.
RIOT allows the development of applications that collect sensor data and transmit it to a central node (e.g. a server). This data can then be used for smart energy management, such as room temperature adjustment.
RIOT is specially designed for embedded systems, which are strongly constrained in memory and energy. Further, RIOT can easily be ported to different hardware devices and follows the latest evolution of IP standards (6LoWPAN, RPL,...)
RIOT applications can readily be tested in the FIT IoT-LAB, which provides a large-scale infrastructure facility with 3000 nodes suitable for remotely testing small wireless sensor devices.


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Prize - ICIOT 2017

IEEE best paper award for Fun and Spirals


Philippe Merle and Christophe Gourdin, members of Inria Spirals project-team and Nathalie Mitton, head of Fun project-team, received the IEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for their joint publication"Mobile Cloud Robotics as a Service with OCCIware".


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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things :Two new equipments of excellence

Olivier Constant - 12/12/2014

Inaugurated last autumn, the IoT-LAB and CorteXlab platforms are strengthening the capabilities of the FIT equipment of excellence dedicated to the Internet of Things. Offering a unique wide-ranging collection of equipment, these laboratories are available to both researchers and commercial companies alike.


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