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Alexandre Dubus: An award-winning Mooc Maker


Alexandre Dubus is a young graduate engineer at Inria Lille – Northern Europe. Since 2013, he has been working on the development of the FUN MOOC platform. Last Monday, this work was recognized when he was declared a winner of the Inria Support for Research and Innovation Award.


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Francis Bach - © Inria / Photo J.M. Ramès

Inria Awards 2012

Young researcher Inria award: Francis Bach

Isabelle Bellin -

A trained mathematician, Francis Bach has become an internationally acknowledged specialist in the field of statistical machine learning. A field he has been boldly exploring for some ten years now. His research at the interface between applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science finds applications in an impressive variety of domains, such as artificial vision, processing of audio signals, bioinformatics, and cerebral imaging. 


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Pascale Vicat-Blanc

Inria Awards 2013

Pascale Vicat-Blanc: Inria – French Académie des sciences – Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award

Pascale Vicat-Blanc, founder of the Lyatiss company, has recently received the lnria - French Académie des Sciences (Academy of Sciences) – Dassault Systèmes Innovation award. She sees in this personal honour a recognition for her team and her company – and an interest in young women that may be inspired by what she has accomplished. Conscious of being a sort of role model, she has campaigned for the European de-compartmentalisation of the spheres of research, business and investment.


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Anatole Lécuyer

Inria Awards 2013

Anatole Lécuyer: Young researcher Inria - Académie des sciences award

Currently head of the HYBRID team, Anatole Lécuyer was recently awarded the lnria - Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences) young researcher prize. As well as considering this reward a personal honour, he also views it as a form of recognition for his research fields, virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces, which are still relatively "young" and little-known.


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Exposition SHAPE Prix Inria 2018 © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Inria Awards 2018

From Shape to the digital inventors exhibition : Research Support Award

On paper, the only things Marie-Pierre Diquelou, Thierry Boche and Rémy Taillefer had in common were working at Inria in Rocquencourt and a certain interest in history. And yet, together, they have devised and produced a vast retrospective exhibition for Inria's 50th anniversary.


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