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The startup Antescofo is finalist in the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event

A.A. (*) - 6/02/2018

Barely four months after the introduction of Metronaut, its first mobile application, Antescofo, a startup spun off from Inria’s Paris research centre, is one of the five finalists in the Entertainment and Content Technologies category of SXSW’s Accelerator Pitch Event. What is Metronaut’s goal? Making artificial intelligence available to musicians so they never have to play alone.


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Resarch team 's seminary

Gallium Seminary


Static analyses aim at inferring semantic properties of programs. While many analyses compute an over-approximation of reachable states, some analyses compute a description of the input-output relations of programs. In the case of numeric programs, several analyses have been proposed that utilize relational numerical abstract domains to describe relations.

Place : Inria de Paris- 2 rue Simone Iff- 75012

Guest(s) : Hugo Illous- ENS


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Ambiciti measures the animal noise exposure of the Helsinki Zoo


What kind of impact does the city noise have on tigers and other zoo occupants? Helsinki Zoo and Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation unit of the City of Helsinki, are using smart technology to study the noise experienced by animals and its impacts in collaboration with Inria, the French national research institute on digital sciences and technologies and Ambiciti, a global environmental data service startup company.


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Research team seminary

Prosecco Seminary


Rust represents a major advancement in production programming languages because of its success in bridging the gap between high-level application programming and low-level systems programming. At the heart of its design lies a novel approach to ownership that remains highly programmable.

Place : Inria de Paris - 2 rue Simone Iff 75012 - Bâtiment C - Salle Lions

Guest(s) : Aaron Weiss (Northeastern University)


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