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Laurent Mevel (left) and Michael Dohler : “We plan to work together again in the future."

Research team

A Common Vibe About SHM

Jean-Michel Prima - 4/06/2012

An Inria research team dedicated to coupling physical modeling with statistics, I4S develops new methods to improve Structural Health Monitoring, i.e.  computerized damage detection on bridges, buildings, or wind turbines. Researchers Laurent Mevel and Michael Döhler explain how their algorithmic technology was successfully transferred to the Danish SVS, the leading software vendor in the field of operational modal analysis.


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Maud Marchal and Julien Pettré testing the Joyman in Immersia VR room, Rennes

Virtual reality

Lean and Go in Virtual Worlds

Jean-Michel Prima - 23/05/2012

Scientists from Inria and Insa Rennes come up with a trampoline-like innovative VR interface for pedestrian navigation. Making a joystick of the human body as a whole is what Joyman is all about.


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AtlanMod team leader Jordi Cabot: “Basically, modelling is about improving productivity and quality. We try to identify industrial problems that we believe can be solved applying modeling technologies. We package and specialize our modeling technologies for various domains, with the help of services companies.”

Modelling technologies

More Efficient Software Modernization through MDE

Jean-Michel Prima - 4/06/2012

Nantes-based AtlanMod research team and Mia-Software company team up on MoDisco, an open source project bound to improve the development of model-driven tools for the reverse engineering of legacy systems. As researchers Jordi Cabot and Hugo Brunelière explain, the experience has also reshaped part of their partner's business model.


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Embedded Systems

Polychronous Modeling for Multi-core Embedded Systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 11/06/2012

Researchers from Inria and VirginiaTech work together on polychronous programming paradigms that could help design critical embedded software for multi-core architectures. Part of this open source technology will be used by the US Air Force,  as French scientist Jean-Pierre Talpin explains


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Abdel Tamoudi

Health - Software

New interoperability testing service for Health IT

Jean-Michel Prima - 18/06/2012

IHE-Europe launches the first vendor-neutral service to test the interoperability of software used by healthcare information systems. The move features a technology transfer from French research center Inria to software testing provider Kereval.


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Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Senior Inria research scientist and head of ASAP project-team at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique

Award - Social web

The Social Web: Anne-Marie Kermarrec wins "Google Focused Award"

Nathalie Lacaux - 5/04/2013

Anne-Marie Kermarrec, a senior research scientist at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique centre, has been presented with the 2013 Google Focused Award. The award comes in recognition of the Web-Alter Ego project, which she is pursuing in collaboration with EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), and which focuses on the establishment of an original architecture for personalising web services. Her work is being conducted within the ASAP project team, which she leads. This ambitious project will benefit from the results she obtained as part of the ERC SG project GOSSPLE.


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Acoustic - Research

Novel Algorithms for Audio and Signal Modeling

Jean-Michel Prima - 18/06/2013

A new team at Inria research center in Rennes, Panama positions itself at the crossroad of mathematical signal processing and audio modeling. Ultimately, its work might well also reverberate into a smarter exploitation of high-dimensional data, as team leader and ERC grantee Rémi Gribonval  explains.


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C.Barilllot et  J.Guillaumont équipe  Visages Christian Barillot et Justine Guillaumont, de l'équipe Visages


A Neuroimaging Platform for Multiple Sclerosis Research

Jean-Michel Prima - 27/05/2014

Shanoir is an open source neuroimaging platform meant to facilitate the exploitation of medical data. Created by Visages, an Inria research team in Rennes, France, this server now hosts the data collected by hospitals affiliated with OFSEP, the French Observatory of Multiple Sclerosis, a body funded by the Government with mission of assembling a nationwide MS study cohort.


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Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria researcher Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria researcher

Transfer of technology

Towards personally recommended web content

Jean-Michel Prima - 3/06/2014

Anne-Marie Kermarrec, a researcher at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre, is planning to found a start-up company based on her work on a scientific project funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Her aim is to help website publishers offer content that is individually tailored to the requirements of each user.


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Partnership - International

Franco-Indian Partnership on Formal Modeling

Jean-Michel Prima - 22/10/2013

Researchers at Inria have developed a fruitful collaboration with two leading mathematical  institutes of southern India, a country where the decimal system, the concept of zero and the negative numbers were first conceptualized millennia ago. At the heart of current partnership lies the ambition of providing tools for formal modeling and verification of distributed systems. Among other things, progress in this field might help improve reliability of web services.


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