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Samuel Degrande © Inria © Inria

Prix Cristal CNRS 2011

Samuel Degrande, winner of the Cristal CNRS 2011


Samuel Degrande, a research engineer at the LIFL and a member of the MINT team (a joint venture between the CNRS, Lille 1 and Inria), has been named the 2011 winner of the Cristal CNRS.


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Technologie eGo © Gemalto

eGo Technology

eGo Technology


Gemalto, world leader in digital security, has developed eGo, a system where the user’s body becomes a medium of communication. Thus, a simple touch is all that is required to open a door, make an electronic payment or start up a computer. This European research project, called Eureka, includes, among others, Atos Origin, Continental, St Microelectronics and the POPS research team at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre.


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Is RFID dangerous?

David Simplot-Ryl et Nathalie Mitton - 20/05/2011

Despite the numerous services it provides, consumers find RFID worrying. The technology uses radio waves. Is it dangerous ? An RFID tag contains information that can be read remotely. Could this jeopardise privacy ?


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Projet REACTIVE © Fondation Hopale © Fondation Hopale

Virtual reality

A virtual-reality rehabilitation tool for stroke victims


The MINT research team at the Inria Lille Nord – Europe research centre has contributed to the development of a rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. Accepted by the ANR (French National Research Agency) as part of the TecSan call for projects in 2007, the REACTIVE project is being led by the Fondation HOPALE  and is the fruit of a partnership between the LIFL (Lille Computer Science Laboratory), the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), the ANR, Idées-3com and Inria.


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Rapports d'activité scientifique 2010 © Inria © Inria


The 2010 scientific activity reports


The 2010 activity reports from the Inria project-teams are now available online. This year, the online presentation of these reports via RAWeb has been improved, offering new functions in addition to the static HTML and PDF versions. These functions include a new search interface enabling consultation of the activities of a particular researcher, all publications from a particular person or team, or the name of a partner… The tool also enables the sharing of bibliographical references via social media.


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Lionel Seinturier © Inria Lionel Seinturier - © Inria


Lionel Seinturier appointed member of the Institut Universitaire de France


Lionel Seinturier, a Professor at Lille 1 University and a member of the joint LIFL/UMR 8022/CNRS/Lille 1 University/Inria project-team ADAM, has been selected in the 2011 intake of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).


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Grid 5000 © INRIA


GPU day: Grid5000 training


In the context of Grid'5000, a GPU training day is planned on Tuesday 28 June 2011. The objective of the day is to present the Grid'5000 platform and to provide practical training concerning use of the GPUs.


Place : Inria boardroom


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MIXMOD (MIXture MODelling) is a piece of software which can be used for density estimation, classification or discriminant analysis. The third edition of the conference will take place on Thursday 2 December 2010 in Lyon.

Place : ENS-Lyon, J. Monod Site, Lecture Theatre B - Nearest metro station: Debourg

Guest(s) : G. Celeux, F. Langrognet, C. Ruckebush, C. Biernacki, S. Cohen, C. Maugis, O. Delrieu


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Event open to all

New shopping experience

19/10/2010 to 21/10/2010

The MINT research team (a joint team with the LIFL) is taking part in the second edition of the Distance selling/e-commerce trade show in the innovation area, presenting an exhibit entitled "New shopping experience", organised by the "Industries du Commerce" innovation cluster.

Place : Lille Grand Palais

Guest(s) : Equipe de recherche MINT


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©Polytech Lille


Conference on French research


As part of Polytech Lille's 40th birthday celebrations between 15 and 19 November, a day will be devoted to the topic of research.

Place : Polytech Lille - Migeon lecture theatre

Guest(s) : Kamal Youcef-Toumi, chercheur au MIT. Max Dauchet, directeur du centre de recherche Inria Lille - Nord Europe.


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