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Artificial Intelligence

Inria in partnership with the new Facebook AI Lab

CD - 5/06/2015

The social network has announced the opening of an artificial intelligence research facility  in the French capital. This will be the third such laboratory and the first in Europe, the others being in New York and California. The opening of the laboratory also marks the start of a strategic partnership with Inria.


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Alexandre Termier, leader of LACODAM research team


Finding Nuggets Mining Data

Jean-Michel Prima - 8/12/2016

Whereas the digital economy is churning out ever more dizzying volumes of information, the smart exploitation of such data bonanza paradoxically laggs way behind. Indeed data mining is faced with a glaring lack of adequate tools. More often than not, what is also referred to as Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD) remains a predominantly manual process. At Inria research center, in Rennes, Brittany, France, a group of data scientists led by Alexandre Termier is mulling over novel approaches meant not only to automate the exploration workflow but also to improve results visualization and to put the user in the loop.


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CC0 / Pexels

RDV du Plateau Inria

Graphs in Machine Learning


On Thursday, November 9, from 9am to 10:30am at the Plateau Inria (EuraTechnologies) will take place a conference about graphs in machine learning. This subject is the expertise of project-team Sequel from our research center. Register.

Place : Plateau Inria, EuraTechnologies - 165 avenue de Bretagne, Lille


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© Slezak / Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau


Inria and New York University


This partnership agreement, signed by Inria and New York University at this end of year 2017, aims to facilitate collaborations and exchanges between the two institutions. With its 15 establishments spread over six campuses across Manhattan, New York University is the largest, non-profit private university in the country.


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Bertrand Braunschweig © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Artificial Intelligence

Interview with Bertrand Braunschweig

AB - 26/03/2018

A few days ahead of the publication of the Villani report on artificial intelligence, Bertrand Braunschweig, coordinator of an AI white paper published in 2016 and head of the Inria research centre in Saclay Île-de-France, reviews the work being done on the subject.


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White Paper

Artificial intelligence, current challenges and Inria's engagement

Sarah Alzieu - 16/09/2016

How can we best gauge, explore and anticipate the social impacts of the massive digital advances of our time? The Inria monitoring and forecasting cell has risen to the challenge in a white paper devoted to artificial intelligence, a policy document that provides a wide-ranging introduction to the issues raised by the progress of research in the field of AI.


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International workshop on graphs and constraints


Florent Capelli, member of Links Team will organise an international workshop on August 27th. This workshop on Graphs and Contains is affiliated and co-located with The International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2018) will take place at Euratechnologies in Lille.

Place : Euratechnologies


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PFIA 2018


PFIA 2018

2/07/2018 to 6/07/2018

The IA platform is a unique and user-friendly meeting point for the AI community, bringing the different disciplines together and building bridges between them. For this purpose, this platform is aimed at the entire French speaking community of Artificial Intelligence so that it addresses common issues.

The 2018 edition will be held from July 2 to 6, 2018 in Nancy. It is organized by LORIA and AFIA.

Place : FST Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy

Guest(s) : Aldo Gangemi, Professeur, Université Paris Nord (France) – Daniela Rus, Professeur, MIT (USA) – Nicola Guarino, Directeur de Recherche, CNR (Italie) – Moshe Vardi, Rice University (USA) – Zhongzhi Shi, Directeur de Recherche, CAS (Chine)


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Caption: areas of the brain "taught" by the algorithm which enable it to determine the probable diagnosis - © ARAMIS


Towards more reproducible research in artificial intelligence for medicine


Being able to reproduce the results obtained is a major challenge in biomedical research, and an essential stage in drawing lasting conclusions from them. Olivier Colliot and Stanley Durrleman's ARAMIS team is an Inria team (based at the ICM (Brain and Spine Institute), jointly with the CNRS, Inserm and Sorbonne University) that has developed a set of software tools enabling reproducibility in medical decision-making support system evaluation studies. The results are published in the journal Neuroimage.


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Honorable Mention ACM SIGMOD Award for Luis Galarraga from Lacodam research team

Nathalie Lacaux - 18/05/2018


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