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Laurent Mevel (left) and Michael Dohler : “We plan to work together again in the future."

Research team

A Common Vibe About SHM

Jean-Michel Prima - 4/06/2012

An Inria research team dedicated to coupling physical modeling with statistics, I4S develops new methods to improve Structural Health Monitoring, i.e.  computerized damage detection on bridges, buildings, or wind turbines. Researchers Laurent Mevel and Michael Döhler explain how their algorithmic technology was successfully transferred to the Danish SVS, the leading software vendor in the field of operational modal analysis.


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Paper Award

Best paper award for Michael Doehler and Laurent Mevel

Nathalie Lacaux - 19/05/2017


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Scientific Award in the EDF internal competition for a PhD student from the I4S research team

Nathalie LACAUX - 4/06/2019


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