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DomAssist: Help at home for the elderly

CD - 3/03/2014

The DomAssist project aims to improve the well-being and independence of the elderly in their own homes by installing a range of simple sensors to detect movement, light and electricity usage. The readings from these sensors are then combined intelligently by a number of applications that interact with the user by means of a tablet computer. 


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Sport Numericus

Enhancing sporting performance using analysis and simulation

MDV - 25/06/2014

The MimeTIC project-team at the Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique research centre stands at the interface between two laboratories: the 'Movement, Sport and Health' laboratory in the science and technique of physical and sports activities, and the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems (Irisa) in IT. Its research activities focus on three main areas. MimeTIC Manager Franck Multon gives us the low-down.


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Thierry Colin, MC2 project-team Thierry Colin - © Inria / photo H. Raguet

Medical Imaging

Better analysis of scans to adapt radiotherapy

CD - 30/04/2013

The MC2 team at Inria-Bordeaux Sud-Ouest has developed an adaptive radiotherapy technique for automatic monitoring of organs using low-resolution control scans. The benefit for the patient is that it avoids overdoses in at-risk organs.


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Photo I Bird sensor I-Bird experimentation - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


New technologies help us understand how infectious diseases spread in a hospital environment


A joint study of the interactions between all the people in a hospital, the i-Bird (Individual-based Investigation of Resistance Dissemination) experiment has helped identify the factors involved in the spread and transmission of bacteria that cause nosocomial infections. The results confirm that new technologies may be useful in analysing epidemics. The initial results of this research project, led by teams at Inserm, the Institut Pasteur, ENS Lyon and Inria in conjunction with the AP-HP at the Hôpital Maritime de Berck-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) have just been published in PLOS Computational Biology.


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Inria announces the creation of InSimo, an innovative company in the field of medical simulation software

MD - 7/03/2013

InSimo, a medical simulation software publisher, offers a software platform developed, among others, by Inria, which introduces a new generation of medical simulators to the market. These simulators are more accurate and take less time to develop. Furthermore, these simulators will help broaden the scope of application to meet new requirements in terms of assistance in planning and completing increasingly complex surgical operations.


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EIT Health


InnoLife's proposal selected by European Institute of Innovation and Technology

UPMC - 11/12/2014

Healthy living and active aging: the "EIT Health" KIC (knowledge and innovation community)/InnoLife was selected following a call for proposals by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


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Inria Industry meeting

13 October 2015 Programme

The programme for this bioinformatics and digital tools for health day includes participation from professionals in the field, lectures from well-known speakers, and the presentation of numerous innovative technologies and applications.


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Christian Barillot, head of the Visages research team Christian Barillot, head of the Visages joint project team


A cloud for medical imaging

Jean-Michel Prima - 19/02/2013

On 16 October 2012, the B-com Institute for Technological Research (IRT) signed a funding agreement with the French National Research Agency (ANR). Based in Rennes, with secondary sites in Brest and Lannion, B-com is the fourth French IRT to be created.


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Nicholas Ayache Nicholas Ayache - © Loran Dherines

Computational sciences

Nicholas Ayache newly appointed professor at the Collège de France


Nicholas Ayache is the newly appointed professor on the Chair in Informatics and Computational Sciences at the Collège de France for the year 2013-2014. He is a world-renowned specialist in the analysis and simulation of digital medical images.

Created in 2009 by the Collège de France and Inria, the aim of the "Computing and computational sciences" chair is to promote computer science and applied mathematics.


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