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Dircom - 26/11/2014

Celebrating thirty years of creating start-ups, Inria invites you to meet some of those who have built these businesses, and to discover the stories of their adventures as entrepreneurs, and the colleagues and partners who have helped them along the way. Follow their stories of success as they unfold across the coming months. Today, three chief executives of Inria start-ups, all originally researchers or engineers, tell the stories of their leap into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.


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Stéphane Donikian © Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Start-up - Golaem

Interview with Stéphane Donikian

Golaem has developed a software suite that directs autonomous virtual humans capable of making decisions. Its goal: to anticipate the movements of people in order to examine the impact of the environment on their behavior. This unique solution on the market can be used in both the urban architecture sector and in industry, transport, and the world of imaging. Interview with Stéphane Donikian, President and CEO of Golaem.


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Emmy Award for Golaem's Crowd Simulation Plugin

Jean-Michel Prima - 9/05/2019

A spin-off of Inria research center, French company Golaem just won a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for its significant impact on the television industry. Its crowd simulation plugin enables VFX virtuosi to populate stadiums and build massive armies on a budget. The software recently played a crucial backstage role in HBO's Game of Thrones.


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