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Logo Computational Geometric Learning

Summer School

Computational Geometric Learning

9/06/2011 to 11/06/2011

This summer school, funded by the FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) unit of the European Commission (EC), will be a satellite event of the Symposium on Computational Geometry.

Place : Institut Henri Poincare, Paris


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SMF 2018

4/06/2018 to 8/06/2018

The second national congress of the Mathematical compagny of France will be held from 4 till 8 June 2018 in Lilliad on the campus Cité scientifique at Villeneuve d'Ascq. Inria Lille- nordEurope center is partner of this event.

Place : Lilliad, cité scientifique Villeneuve d'Ascq


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M. Sigalotti, new team Cage


The Cage team enters the Paris resarche center and is headed by Mario Sigalotti.


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