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Martin Abadi

Computing sciences

Collège de France 2011

Françoise Monfort - 8/03/2011

The new holder of the Information Technology and Digital Sciences Chair  at the Collège de France, Martin Abadi, will give his inaugural lecture on March 10th. His talk will be devoted to his specialty, computer security. Researcher at the Microsoft research centre in Silicon Valley, he teaches at the University of California. At the Collège de France, he will be succeeding Gérard Berry, Inria researcher since 2006, who will “pass the baton” to a new pioneer of the recently created chair. They share the same passion, the same joy in transmitting knowledge and the same will to establish the rightful place of this discipline among other traditionally recognised fields of science.


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50 Years Inria - College de France


In 2017, those who make Inria celebrate half a century of their Institute.

Inria invites you at this occasion to attend to the conferences of three of its scientists, each of them from College de France. They will be followed by a round table about the impact of digital sciences on society, environment and security.

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis

Guest(s) : Gérard Berry, Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Nicholas Ayache


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Gérard Berry member of the Scientific Council of National Education

A.B. (*) - 19/01/2018

On Wednesday 10 January Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister for National Education, appointed the members of the Scientific Council of National Education and presented their missions. They include Gérard Berry, holder of the Algorithms, Machines and Languages chair at the Collège de France.


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Anne Canteaut © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Scientific committees

Inria Evaluation Committee

The role of the Inria Evaluation Committee is to assess the calibre of research conducted at Inria and guarantee the quality of its hiring and internal promotions.


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Gérard Berry et Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Gérard Berry présente Jean-Daniel Boissonnat avant sa leçon inaugurale - Collège de France

Collège de France

Computational Geometry

Anne Schneider - 14/04/2017

Jean-Daniel Boissonnat is the new holder of the chair  « Informatics and Computational Sciences » at Collège de France.

His lecture ils called "Computational Geometry: data, models, programs". he gace his inaugural lecture at Collège de France on 23 March. Discover or watch again the video of his lecture available on Open access from the Collège de


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