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Sylvain Lefebvre portrait


Eurographics Award 2010

Olivia Brenner - 16/07/2010

Sylvain Lefebvre, ALICE team researcher Sylvain Lefebvre, an Inria researcher, has won the Eurographics Award in the category "Young Researcher". This award comes in recognition of his research work on texture synthesis. With wide-ranging experience at Inria, he began his career at the EVASION team in Grenoble before going on to work in the REVES team in Sophia. He recently joined the ALICE team in Nancy. He views this award as acknowledgement of the collective work carried out within these teams on algorithms and methods to facilitate the creation and display of virtual environments.


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Remise du prix Eurographics à Marie-Paule Cani © Nigel W. John, Eurographics association

Scientific award

Marie–Paule Cani, Eurographics Award 2011

Corinne Pezard - 10/06/2011

Marie-Paule Cani has just won the Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award. This internationally recognized distinction rewards her work in implicit modelling, animation and interactive shape design. Marie-Paule Cani, a university professor in Grenoble, leads the EVASION team, a joint Inria Grenoble and Jean Kuntzmann laboratory team, which is affiliated with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the universities of Grenoble. 


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