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Anatole Lecuyer - Salle de réalité virtuelle © INRIA - Photo G. Favier - Agence Vu  Anatole Lecuyer - Salle de réalité virtuelle © Inria - Photo G. Favier - Agence Vu

Virtual Reality - 3D

Improving user interaction with 3D worlds

Laurent Rabier - 28/09/2010

Anatole Lécuyer, of the BUNRAKU project-team, has recently been awarded the habilitation to advise doctoral theses devoted to interaction with virtual worlds. This is an area where researchers work simultaneously on hardware, software, ergonomics, human perception and applications in real life.


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Rencontres Inria Industrie

Human activity recognition and prediction: application to industry 4.0 and occupational ergonomics

Team Larsen (Inria Nancy - Grand Est) -

Videos of reconstruction and prediction of human movement and dynamics (forces, muscle efforts..) from wearable sensing. Application for the analysis of tasks of workers in factories of industry 4.0. Also videos of human-robot collaboration.


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