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Jean-Louis Lanet et Francis Chamberot


OT and Inria, partners in countering mobile cyber-attacks

Jean-Michel Prima - 25/08/2016

OT (Oberthur Technologies), one of the world leaders in embedded software products, solutions and services, is beginning a collaboration in the field of Research & Development with the High-Security Laboratory (LHS) created at the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre as part of the Cyber Cluster of Excellence (PEC). One of the main lines of this partnership concerns test tools for mobile payment applications. Another issue looms over the longer term: being ready to counter the security attacks of tomorrow.


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Alerion : Laurent Ciarletta et Adrien Guenard Alerion : Laurent Ciarletta et Adrien Guenard - Inria / Photo É. Garault


Start-ups spun off from Inria Nancy - Grand-Est

Forming a technology company is a preferred method for transforming research results into innovative business activities. Since 1984, nearly 100 companies have been created at Inria in this way. A dozen of these have come from the Inria Nancy - Grand-Est research centre. Some of these companies are hosted by the technology transfer space at the Inria research centre in Nancy.


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