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Understand general anesthesia: brain activity under the influence of anesthetics

Research team : CORTEX -

Understanding general anaesthesia : Brain activity under the influence of anesthetic drugsIt is not known why humans lose consciousness under general anaesthesia.To understand the neural mechanism of general anaesthesia and develop new EEG-markers allowing to better control anaesthetic drug administration, the software tool presented runs numerical simulations of recent neural models under the influence of certain drugs, e.g. the intravenously administered proposal. These simulations reproduce characteristic features found in human EEG. In the future we extend the software to run simulation for a broad range of various drugs and their mixtures to reproduce experimental EEG. These simulations may serve to understand better experimental EEG-features and hence develop new EEG-markers to monitor the patients level of anaesthetic depth.


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Start-up - Mensia Technologies

Interview with Yann Renard

Patrick Philipon Technoscope - 31/07/2013

Put simply, Mensia Technologies offers the possibility of controlling machines with through thought. This new start-up is focusing essentially on therapeutic applications, but is now offering other services and products, as its Technical Director, Yann Renard, explains.


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