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Rémi Gribonval, directeur de recherche Inria


Rémi Gribonval, EURASIP Fellow 2018

Nathalie Lacaux - 26/03/2018

Rémi Gribonval, Inria researcher and head of PANAMA project-team, has just received EURASIP Fellow 2018. A prestigious distinction that awards his work in the field of signal processing.


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Christine Guillemot, Inria researcher


2019 Eurasip Technical Achievement Award pour Christine Guillemot

Nathalie Lacaux - 7/05/2019

Christine Guillemot, director of research at Inria and head of SIROCCO research project team, will receive in september during the international conference EUSIPCO 2019, the 2019 Eurasip Technical Achievement Award. Each year, this award honors a scientist who, over a period of years, has made outstanding technical contributions to theory or practice in technical areas within the scope of the Society, as demonstrated by publications, patents, or recognized impact in this field. Christine Guillemot is rewarded  for her contributions to video processing for compression and inverse problems.


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Josiane Zerubia and Rachid Deriche appointed EURASIP Fellow 2019


Josiane Zerubia and Rachid Deriche, INRIA research directors, have just been appointed EURASIP Fellow 2019.

The awards will be officially presented at the opening and award ceremony at EUSIPCO 2019, to be held in A Coruña, Spain, from 2 to 6 September 2019.


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