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Axel Hutt

European Research Council 2010

Axel Hutt: a physicist peeks inside the human brain

Cécile Michaut - Technoscope - 4/11/2010

This year,  eight ERC grant winners are leaders or members of Inria teams. In the "starting grants" category, Axel Hutt (Cortex, Nancy), Paola Goatin (Opale, Sophia Antipolis), Pierre Alliez (Geometrica, Sophia Antipolis), Kartikeyan Bhargavan (Moscova, Rocquencourt), Véronique Cortier (Cassis, Nancy) and Nikos Paragios (Galen, Saclay) have received funding to form research teams. In the "advanced grants" category, Jean Ponce (Willow, Rocquencourt) and André Seznec (Alf, Rennes) are among the lucky winners and have chosen Inria as their host research institution. At a time when candidates are already submitting proposals for 2011, the 2010 winners are reminded of the road they have covered so far. This week, we will look at the work of Axel Hutt.


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