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Game of Drones

Project team Panama (Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique) -

A microphone array localizes a flying drone based on the sound it emits. A searchlight is then automatically oriented towards the drone from its sound, in real time.


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Aurélien Yol Aurélien Yol


An image analysis service for agriculture

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 1/12/2017

Are the apricots ripe? Are insects threatening the squash? Have all the cows had their share of fodder? All questions that require the farmer or rancher to make rounds. The fruit of research into robotic vision at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique centre, one startup, Dilepix, is getting ready to offer an online image analysis service to automate monitoring and help save valuable time.


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A blimp drone full of promise


A team from the Inria Lille-Nord Europe research center has just created an autonomous drone capable of moving about alone for several days in a closed space, without the need for someone to stay close by to operate it or change its batteries. The solution? A blimp that follows new ‘model less’ robotic control laws.


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Iros Conference

Joris Rinoldo - 24/10/2018

From 1 to 5 October, Antoine Deleforge and Martin Strauss took part in the IROS conference in Madrid to present their paper entitled "Dregon: Dataset and Methods for UAV-embedded Sound Source Localization"


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