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Salon Milipol 2011

Security, Civilian and military security

Milipol Paris 2011

18/11/2011 to 21/11/2011

Produced under the auspices of the French Ministry of Interior, the Milipol Paris Exhibition has become an official event, just like the Eurosatory international exhibits for land armament, Euronaval for naval equipment, and the Paris-Le Bourget Aerospace Exhibition.

Place : Paris - Porte de Versailles


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Startup provides data protection through ergonomic cryptography. gives organisation a full data breach protection in crypting data storage and exchanges. Our first product is a file transfer web service available on line or that may be set up in any organisation. File are crypted and exchanged without setting up any software for the sender or the receiver, without any password exchange and without any account for the sender. An end-to-end encryption is done, and interception or access to storagewould be useless for an attacker.

Our promise : data security. Customer advantages : ease of use, of deployment, of management, full autonomy and internal control of the security. Usage benefits : no data leaks, respect of data protection laws for the organisations.


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Inria Industry Meeting

New technologies to protect digital data and computer systems

This cybersecurity day includes participation from professionals in the field, lectures from well-known speakers, and the presentation of numerous innovative technologies and applications.


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Anonymity on the web Anonymity on the web - © Tyler Olson -


Anonymity on the web: telltale usernames

Inria - 22/04/2011

Choosing a username can have an impact on the spam that fills up our inboxes. This is suggested in an article published in an MIT journal that demonstrates, for the first time, how a username alone can provide information about its owner. Daniele Perito, an Italian PhD student in the Planete project team, contributed to this study and has developed a tool to test usernames.


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Data Protection

Secure electronic documents and centralisation of biometric data

Laurence Goussu - 15/02/2017

The decree of 28 October 2016 authorising the creation of a centralised file of "secure electronic documents" (TES) has raised a certain number of questions and concerns. The main aim put forward by the French government is the fight against identity fraud. However, the text of the decree also authorises certain accesses to the database by officers of the national police, national Gendarmerie and intelligence. Many voices have been raised to highlight the risks that such a centralised file could represent with regard to individual freedom, and particularly the invasion of citizens' privacy. Here, Inria gives its objective analysis and its recommendations in order to ensure the protection of privacy.


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Data protection

Protect your privacy and the Web economy

Florence Polge-Cohen - 21/10/2016

The Privatics research team developed « MyTrackingChoices » application, an adblocker that allows users to better control how they are tracked online. A Firefox extension is now available.


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Data protection

MyTrackingChoices: taking control of our online privacy without harming the Internet economy

Christelle Dupont - 19/07/2016

MyTrackingChoices is an application developed by the Privatics research team. It can control how net users are tracked online, enabling them to choose certain categories of website on which they do not want to be tracked. Designed to protect both the user's privacy and the economic system that keeps website content free, the application limits targeted ads to subjects chosen by the user.


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CNIL-Inria Prize

Launch of 2nd edition of CNIL-Inria Privacy Prize

AB - 3/05/2017

The second edition of the CNIL-INRIA "Privacy Protection" Prize starts on 2 May 2017. It will reward a scientific paper on privacy and personal data protection published in 2015-2016. The award is intended to raise awareness and promote research on privacy and data protection.


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