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Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN




Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, pollution and congested roads are the scourge of our cities. To tackle these problems, Inria research laboratories have developed the CyCab, a small autonomous car packed with a multitude of the latest cutting-edge technological solutions. Among its many talents, the CyCab boasts the ability to avoid obstacles placed in its path.


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2009 mathematics Olympiad

Camille Liewig - 4/12/2009

On Monday 2 November, Inria's Rocquencourt Centre played host to the 23 winners of the 2009 mathematics Olympiad, with competitors ranging from the enthusiast to the studious pupil and from the self-taught to the science novice. If, in the morning, many were thinking that "research is boring and joyless", by the end of the day, the unanimous opinion was that "research is awesome!".  Video review of a day full of surprises.


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