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CSF 2011

27/06/2011 to 29/06/2011

The Computer Security Foundations Symposium is an annual conference for researchers in computer security, to examine current theories of security, the formal models that provide a context for those theories, and techniques for verifying security. It was created in 1988 as a workshop of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, in response to a 1986 essay by Don Good entitled "The Foundations of Computer Security - We Need Some." The meeting became a "symposium" in 2007, along with a policy for open, increased attendance.

Place : Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay (France)


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Information system security


Digiport, in partnership with Inria and the zonal observatories for information system security (OZSSI), held a conference on 8 November 2010 at the Inria EuraTechnologies site about information system security with the participation of Jean-Yves Marion, Director of the Nancy High Security Laboratory.


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Creation of the start-up

Alexandra Cravotta - 2/06/2016

The goal of, the brand new startup from Inria Nancy – Grand Est, is to make the implementation of corporate data encryption simpler and more accessible.


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In the press

Hacking the hackers

From the print edition: Science and technology - 30/03/2015

“SET a thief to catch a thief.” Security-conscious companies, from banks to newspapers, often hire, if not thieves, then the analogues of thieves, to test their computer systems for weaknesses. These professional hackers, called penetration testers, poke and prod at their clients’ systems. If they find a way in, they inform the client, who can then fix the problem. Penetration testing, though, is expensive—for the skills required to be a good tester are rare. That is why a French firm called Cryptosense is hoping to automate the job.


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