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Gérard Berry © Inria / Photo J.-M. Ramès

Computer sciences

The Collège de France and Inria establish a chair in "Computing and Computational Sciences"


 Computing and computational science, unlike quantum physics or molecular chemistry, are notions with which the general public has become familiar given the place occupied by new technology in our daily lives. But there is a huge risk of confusing computer science with the use made of it. On the one hand, the objects that have become commonplace, technical applications used every day (podcasts, GPS, etc.), and on the other, an original and complex science that needs urgent recognition as such.
Recognising computer science as a separate science to improve how it is taught


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Inria and Cemagref pool their expertise in order better to understand the complexity of environmental phenomena


Michel Cosnard, Inria Chairman and CEO, and Roger Genet, CEO of Cemagref, have signed a partnership agreement strengthening collaboration between the two organisations on applied research projects concerning environmental problems. This agreement demonstrates the multi-disciplinary approach required of scientists faced with complex environmental problems. The synergies between environmental sciences and computational sciences will be a powerful lever to help meet the challenges posed by global changes and to ensure sustainable development.


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Computational sciences

Gérard Berry opening lecture at the Collège de France

Camille Liewig - 27/11/2009

On 19 November 2009, at 6 p.m., at the famed higher education and research establishment, Collège de France, a few privileged souls were able to attend Gérard Berry's first lecture. The event began with a speech by Pierre Corvol, a trustee of the Collège de France. He reiterated why it was essential these days to recognise computer science as a science in its own right and therefore to teach it more widely. He then quickly hailed Gérard Berry's teaching skills and highlighted his qualities as a conduit for knowledge.


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International Conference in Computational Surgery & Dual training

25/05/2016 to 26/05/2016

The conference will provide a forum for new ideas to build the interdisciplinary curriculum of surgeons/computational scientists, and provide material for the continuous education of surgeons. This conference will cover the following topic sand much more: 

(I) Computational Surgery and Disease Management 

(II) Image Processing and Visualization for Surgical Intervention 

(III) Image Driven Intervention and Robotics

(IV) Modeling Simulation and Experimental Data

(V) Training 


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