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Gérard Berry © Inria / Photo J.-M. Ramès

Computer sciences

The Collège de France and Inria establish a chair in "Computing and Computational Sciences"


 Computing and computational science, unlike quantum physics or molecular chemistry, are notions with which the general public has become familiar given the place occupied by new technology in our daily lives. But there is a huge risk of confusing computer science with the use made of it. On the one hand, the objects that have become commonplace, technical applications used every day (podcasts, GPS, etc.), and on the other, an original and complex science that needs urgent recognition as such.
Recognising computer science as a separate science to improve how it is taught


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50 Years Inria - College de France


In 2017, those who make Inria celebrate half a century of their Institute.

Inria invites you at this occasion to attend to the conferences of three of its scientists, each of them from College de France. They will be followed by a round table about the impact of digital sciences on society, environment and security.

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis

Guest(s) : Gérard Berry, Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Nicholas Ayache


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