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François Fages


Meet François Fages, leader of the new Lifeware team

La Gazette de Rocquencourt - 21/03/2014

We met with François Fages, leader of the Lifeware team.


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Portrait Mostafa Adimy, responsable de l'équipe Dracula

Modelling - Biological systems

Mathematical modelling of blood cell production

Christine McKinty - 13/05/2011

The Dracula team, created in January 2011 in partnership with the CNRS and the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, is the first team to be installed in the new  Inria Lyon La Doua site. At the interface between mathematics and life sciences, the team brings together mathematicians and biologists to model blood cell production. Mostafa Adimy,  Inria research director and head of the Dracula team, presents the scientific issues and application domains.


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