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G8 Enabling Climate Simulation


Policy decisions for mitigating climate change or adapting to it are subjects of great discussion throughout the world. Uninformed decisions will impose a heavy cost on future generations, both financial and human. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the current uncertainties about future climate changes and their impact by running climate simulations at 1000 times larger scales than today.


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Optimal Transport between a sphere and a 3D shape


The first algorithm to compute semi-discrete optimal transport in 3D

Bruno Lévy - 17/11/2015

The ALICE project-team developed the first algorithm to compute the optimal transport in 3D. This concerns a semi-discrete special case of computing the optimal transport map, between a piecewise linear density and a sum of Dirac masses in 3D. Bruno Lévy, the team manager, explains his work.


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Jean Roman Jean Roman - Photo M. Sgandura

Fields of research

Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Jean Roman is Deputy Scientific Director in charge of the field "Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation"


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