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Scientific award

Laying the theoretical foundations for web programming

Françoise Breton - 29/05/2013

A researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a member of the TYREX team, Pierre Genevès has been awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal for his applied theoretical work designed to improve the performance and reliability of web applications.


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Picture Jean-Michel Muller © Vanessa Cusimano, CNRS-DR7

Scientific award

Computer arithmetic honoured

Françoise Breton - 20/09/2013

Jean-Michel Muller, a researcher at CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and firstly Arénaire team leader then Aric team member at Inria, has received the silver medal from CNRS for his original work on computer arithmetic. This research, on ways of ensuring accurate and reliable calculations, is now helping computer arithmetic gain some recognition.


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© INRIA / Photo J.-M. Ramès Jean-Goubault Larrecq - © INRIA / Photo J.-M. Ramès


A CNRS Silver Medal for Jean Goubault-Larrecq


Jean Goubault-Larrecq, leader of the Secsi project team, has just been awarded a CNRS 2011 Silver Medal, for the INS2I (Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies).
 The CNRS Silver Medal distinguishes a researcher for the originality, quality and importance of his work, which is recognised both nationally and internationally.


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