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FUTUR.E.S - The festival celebrating sustainable digital innovation

DCOM - 5/06/2019

For 10 years now, FUTUR.E.S has been one of the main events on the tech scene in France, and in Europe more generally. Our researchers will attend conferences on health, disabilities and data security. On top of all of that, the demos space will be the setting for the launch of the AGILIS project, a neuroprosthesis designed to help people who have been paralysed regain their mobility, while the Inria Expo will look back on the story of the digital revolution. 


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The Freewheels team in training The Freewheels team in training - © Inria Photo G. Scagnelli


Cybathlon 2020 target


After the 2016 edition, which was rich in lessons, the Freewheels team - renamed Cyclosef - is preparing to present new technological advances at Cybathlon 2020 and enable new patients to overcome their disabilities in a sports competition.
Christine Azevedo, research director of the CAMIN team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranean centre, will participate in the round table "What place for the disabled person?" at the Sport Unlimitech exhibition in Lyon on Saturday 21 September.


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