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Knowledge-based 3D anatomical modeling using MyCF

Research team : IMAGINE -

The MyCF software eases the creation of 3D anatomical models for visualization and mechanical simulation. As input, the user provides a list of anatomical entities or functions to simulate, using keywords or navigating in reference 3D model. As output, she gets a 3D model ready to visualize, or to simulate using the SOFA open-sourcesimulation library. The model can be based on a reference geometry, or on the assembly of patient-specific models provided by the user.


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MESHING LAB Inria Innovation Lab: Distene and the GAMMA 3 project team

In 2017, Inria and the company Distene again renewed their partnership in a joint laboratory called the Meshing Lab for a further three years. This joint lab was set up to develop and adapt automatic meshing software components for 3D digital simulation. These meshing software components are developed for integration in third-party industrial CAD solutions.


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