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Portrait François Fages

Jacques Morgenstern Colloquium

Semantic and algorithmic aspects of living beings


Transposing the computer science concepts of programming and verification to the modelling and analysis of biochemical processes within a cell opens up a new field of research aimed at mastering the complexity of and understanding the phenomena in cellular biology.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, Morgenstern lecture theatre

Guest(s) : François Fages, Inria


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Molecular Systems Biology's Feature Story


This month, the scientific journal Molecular Systems Biology dedicates the front page of its latest issue to an article on the synthesis of artificial cellular microreactors by François Fages, head of the Lifeware research team, Alexis Courbet (CNRS/INSERM), Patrick Amar (CNRS/LRI), Eric Renard (INSERM/CNRS) and Franck Molina (CNRS).


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