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ENBIS-18, Annual Conference of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics

2/09/2018 to 6/09/2018

The 18th annual conference "ENBIS" conference of the European network of commercial and industrial statistics will be hosted this year by "Elie Cartan Institute of Lorraine" and will take place from September 2 to 6 at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. Anne Gégout-Petit, professor at the University of Lorraine and head of the Inria BIGS research team, chairs the organizing committee for the 2018 edition.

Place : Ecole des Mines, campus Artem, Nancy


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Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Anne Gégout-Petit : « Countdown » …


The "intellectual game" aspect gave her a taste for mathematics very early on. She even wanted to pursue it as a career, thinking she did not have any practical options. Since then Anne Gégout-Petit has changed - as has the scientific environment - and she has developed a passion for statistical learning, thereby using her expertise to look for concrete solutions. Having been president of the French Statistical Society (SFdS) and now a professor at the University of Lorraine (UL), today she is head of BIGS (Biology, Genetics and Statistics) - a joint team between Inria Nancy - Grand Est and the IECL (Elie Cartan Institute of Lorraine).


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Biomedicine and digital

The passing years also take their toll on telomeres

Isabelle Kling - 29/01/2019

A new mathematical tool developed by Anne Gegout-Petit, Head of the BIGS project team, and Denis Villemonais, a researcher on the TOSCA project team, is opening up new opportunities for research into the genetic causes of ageing.


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JdS 2019 - @Romain Azaris


Journées de Statistique 2019

3/06/2019 to 7/06/2019

The "Statistics Days 2019" will take place from June 3 to 7, 2019 in Nancy at the Scientific Campus of Lorraine University.

Place : Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Nancy

Guest(s) : John Bacon-Shone, University of Hong Kong Freddy Bouchet, ENS Lyon/CNRS Charles Bouveyron, Université de Côte d'azur Alexandra Carpentier, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. Forrest Crawford, Yale university Luc Devroye (Prix Laplace), School of Computer Science McGill University Stefano Favaro, Collegio Carlo Alberto/Univ Turin/Oxford Ghislaine Gayraud, UT Compiègne Alexandre Gramfort, INRIA Parietal team Andreas Groll, TU Dortmund Julie Josse, Ecole Polytechnique Mariana Kotzeva, Directrice Générale, Eurostat Oleg Lepski (Prix de la Conférence Le Cam), Aix Marseille Université Grégory Nuel , CNRS Jean Opsomer, Colorado State University Samuel Soubeyrand, INRA Stephen Senn, Luxembourg Institute of Health


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