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Prix et distinction

SIAM SIAG/Supercomputing Best Paper Prize 2016


Laura Grigori and her co-authors, Professors James Demmel, Mark Hoemmen, and Julien Langou have being selected to receive the 2016 SIAM SIAG/Supercomputing Best Paper Prize for their paper, “Communication-Optimal Parallel and Sequential QR and LU Factorizations,” published in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2012.


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Dart project-team - © Inria - Dart

Embedded systems

Challenges of on-chip systems


Despite being relatively unknown by the general public, on-chip embedded systems play an important role in our daily lives. We can simply look around us to understand their importance: mobile phones, GPS, multimedia consoles... Three researchers on the DART research team received the "Best Paper Award" during the "System on chip 2010" conference. One of them, Abdoulaye Gamatié, gives us some insight into the challenges of this field.


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Best Paper

2nd Best Paper for Clément Béra


Clément Béra, engineer in Inria Lille – Nord Europe Rmod project-team, obtained the second prize of Best Paper at the International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies.


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Prize - ICIOT 2017

IEEE best paper award for Fun and Spirals


Philippe Merle and Christophe Gourdin, members of Inria Spirals project-team and Nathalie Mitton, head of Fun project-team, received the IEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for their joint publication"Mobile Cloud Robotics as a Service with OCCIware".


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PhD student of NON-A team Gabriele Perozzi won the Best Student Paper Award of the conference EUCASS 2017


Gabriele Perozzi is doing his thesis both at Onera and Inria Non-A project-team*. One of his publication has been rewarded with a “Best student paper” during the European conference for aeronautics and space sciences.


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Robotics Society of Japan best paper for the Defrost team


The Defrost project team has just received a best paper award from the Robotics Society of Japan for a paper published in the journalAdvanced Robotics. This article presents one of the team's research areas: the creation of a framework for the modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. 


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Two diagram transformations allowed in the ZX-Calculation Two diagram transformations allowed in the ZX-Calculation - @ Renaud Vilmart

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing: Renaud Vilmart has received an award for the best student paper at LICS

Olivia Brenner, Loria - 12/09/2019

Renaud Vilmart is a doctoral student at the Université de Lorraine and belongs to the joint Inria-Loria Mocqua team. He was awarded the Kleene Award  for the best student paper at LICS, the major conference on logic in computer science, which took place in Vancouver from June 24th to 27th.


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