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Benoit Baudry, chercheur Inria

Research - Privacy

Helping Web Users Thwart Sneaky Browser Fingerprinting

Jean-Michel Prima - 23/07/2015

Billions of people surf the web. Surprisingly enough, almost everyone uses a uniquely customized browser. These small  differences are tantamount to a distinct digital fingerprint that can be surreptitiously collected by a new breed of inquisitive programs, spurring privacy concerns. A scientist at Inria research center in Rennes, Brittany, France, Benoît Baudry holds that software diversity is also at the crux of the solution against such prying tools.


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Benoit Baudry, head of DIVERSE team

Project - Europe

Bringing Automated Test Generation to DevOps

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/12/2016

A powerful software development methodology, DevOps has become a very popular tool in the US for it greatly helps web giants to deliver more frequent updates. True enough, Europe hasn't catch up yet. Coordinated by Inria, STAMP is a consortium whose aim is to provide a critical missing piece to this methodology. To wit: an automated test generation tool that would make DevOps less risky and incidentally more palatable to European companies. This projet has just been selected as part of the EU H2020 call for proposals ICT-10-2016 ‘Software Technologies’.


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Projet Diversify


Software Engineering & Biological Systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 28/03/2017

Could software engineering find some inspiration in the way biological systems function? A multidisciplinary group of scientists spent three years exploring the concept in the context of Diversify, a European project led by Inria researcher Benoît Baudry. Their in silico experiments show that, just like biodiversity, software diversity is a huge plus when it comes to robustness and adaptability to changes.


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