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European Research Council 2016

Fabien Lotte awarded an ERD Starting Grant


Fabien Lotte is a researcher at Inria’s Bordeaux centre. He works on brain-computer interfaces by modelling the learning processes. He has just been awarded an ERC Starting Grant, which will allow him to open up this still recent field of research to the human factor, an aspect that has been largely overlooked by the specialists and that could help improve the use of interfaces.


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Intraoperative awakening patient - Heleen Blussé van Oud-Alblas

Prediction of intraoperative awakenings

Observing the brain to make anaesthesia safer

Mediathena - 15/09/2019

Waking up from general anaesthesia during surgery is a rare, although potentially  deeply traumatising experience. Currently no system can reliably predict these intraoperative awakenings, but the Neurosys research team is developing a promising technology to remedy this situation, based on the observation of the neuronal activity in the motor cortex. Awake patients want to move, and it shows in their neurones!


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Subject ready for EEG recording at the Phonetics Laboratory of Stockholm University Recording on an electroencephalogram - Petter Kallioinen [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Hypnose suggestive

Under hypnosis doesn’t mean under better control

Mediathena - 10/09/2019

Most brain-computer interfaces detect modulations in brain activity using an electroencephalogram, and then analyse these modulations to control the computer. Given that hypnosis is capable of modifying a person’s state of consciousness, could it be used to intensify this modulation and hence facilitate communication between brain and computer? When Inria researchers set about tackling this question, they concluded that the answer was no.


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Maureen Clerc has been awarded the Pierre Faurre* Prize by the French Academy of Sciences


Maureen Clerc, a researcher in the Athena project team at Inria, has been awarded the Pierre Faurre* Prize by the French Academy of Sciences in recognition of her work on the modelling and interpretation of electrical signals in the brain.


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