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Augmented X-Rays

Research team: POTIOC -

We present an augmented x-ray interface that benefits from both the power of digital worlds and the simplicity of direct interaction with real objects. This new kind of interface opens promising possibilities in the scope of medical applications.


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© INRIA Sophie Auvin - M comme Multimédia

Rencontres Inria Industrie

Viewpoint computation and scene modeling for Augmented Reality

Project team Magrit (Inria Nancy - Grand Est) -

The Magrit team carries out researches in the field of computer vision, with a focus on augmented reality applications. The Magrit team research aims at proposing robust solutions to the two main issues faced in augmented reality: viewpoint computation and reconstruction of the scene elements necessary to set up the application. Several aspects of our works will be demonstrated: robust pose estimation through efficient patch synthesis, interactive building and augmentation of piecewise planar environments, facade proposal for urban augmented reality.


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Human-computer Interaction

Inria is presenting its works at the 2017 CHI conference 

Séverine Valerius - 9/05/2017

The POTIOC team from Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest center is presenting its Human-computer interaction (HCI) expertise at the 2017 annual CHI conference taking place this year in Denver, USA, from 6 to 11 May. Each year, this very prestigious and selective event rewards the best research carried out throughout the world in the field of HMI. An historic event in the field, this year it is focusing on the theme "Explore, Innovate, Inspire" and will bring together people from multiple disciplines and cultures in order to explore new ways to design, develop and assess methods and systems... Several Inria research teams, who have distinguished themselves as being among the best in the world in this domain, are taking part. Here is a close-up of the work carried out within Potioc, the Bordeaux-based team.


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Nouvelle Aquitaine Edtech Cluster : 2 days to get projects off the ground


On 3rdand 4th May, purchasers from French national education system departments will visit the Nouvelle Aquitaine Edtech Cluster and meet with its project leaders. The goal is to foster collaboration between two worlds that are unfamiliar with each other and discuss technical solutions to meet the needs of education in the future. Inria will be a driver of this initiative.


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l'application Zara AR © Zara

Virtual reality

When augmented reality enters the world of fashion

Florence Polge-Cohen - 19/04/2018

For a period of two weeks, beginning on 12 April, the clothing brand Zara has been inviting people to discover the new items from its spring-summer 2018 Studio collection through an augmented reality experience.


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