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View of the interactive virtual galaxy.

Computer graphics

A virtual tour through our galaxy

Citizen Press - 12/12/2016

In the context of the ANR veRTIGE project, Fabrice Neyret of Inria’s Maverick team participated to the creation of a solution to take people on an interactive tour through the Milky Way with high visual quality. Combining computer sciences, 3D sciences and astrophysics, the project took no less than four years to complete. This unique system has now been installed in planetariums all around the world.


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Nayat Sanchez-Pi Nayat Sanchez-Pi, director of Inria Chile - © Inria

Inria International Labs - America

Inria Chile, driver for technological innovation

Inria Chile is the first center of Inria outside France. Its mission is to conduct and articulate high-impact research and development in digital technologies in service of society with special emphasis in Chile and Latin America.


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