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LabCom ProofInUse : AdaCore & Toccata team-project

In 2014, Inria and the company AdaCore launched a joint laboratory (LabCom) called ProofInUse for a duration of three years. The purpose of this joint laboratory was to propose mathematical proof-based verification tools to industry, which aim to replace or complement the activities of existing tests whilst reducing verification costs.


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Industry-Research partnership

ProofInUse : kickoff meeting

Emmanuelle Perrot - 2/02/2015

After several months in construction, the ProofInUse joint laboratory is now fully operational. Today marked the official launch of work on development aimed at providing a range of verification tools for critical systems.


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Claude Marché, Toccata team leader - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Research-Industry partnership

ProofInUse: a joint Inria and AdaCore laboratory

Bertrand Bourgine - 17/03/2014

With the launch of a joint laboratory, the Toccata research team, which specialises in formal specification and computer-assisted proofs, is increasing its collaboration with AdaCore, the specialist publisher of development software for critical systems.


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